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Commercial Painting Services in Sydney

As a leading commercial painting company in Sydney, we understand that your property is an investment. We focus on health & safety, creating confidence, value and sustainability means that we are regularly chosen by many of the most respected and most prestigious organizations as their painting service supplier. We know that only the best paint job will make your property stand out from others.

At Excellent Painting, we understand how important it is to keep your business premises looking good at all times. That’s why we offer a range of commercial painting services designed to help you achieve that goal. Our team can make sure that everything runs smoothly, while also taking care of any concerns you may have regarding your property.

We use only top-quality paints and materials when providing our commercial painting services in Sydney. With us on board, you can be sure that every job will be done right from the start!

Commercial Painting contractors in Sydney

We have team of expert commercial painting contractors in Sydney, they provides high-quality painting services for your home and office. Some important factors of professional painting services.

    • All conventional water-based, oil-based and solvent-based paint systems are applied.
    • Texture coating
    • On-site spray painting
    • Maintenance painting schedules
    • Sustainable painting methods
    • Free Color Consultation
    • Protect your office furniture and floors and clean as we go
    • Graffiti removal & prevention
    • Membrane application

    Our team of professional painters is highly trained and experienced in the art of creating beautiful works of art from your existing walls, ceilings or floors. We pride ourselves on our ability to create stunning results without causing damage to your property.

    If you are looking for an affordable solution to your painting problems then please contact us today!

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Most Trusted and Best Commercial Painters in Sydney

Excellent Painting is a residential and industrial painting company based in Sydney. We are a fully licensed and insured painting company that offers outstanding commercial and residential painting services at unbeatable prices.

We are the answer to all your painting needs whether it’s your home or office, where we can help you with interior or exterior work. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish so you get the best results possible.

Our team of qualified painters can handle all types of projects big or small, large or small, new or old! We have worked on both residential and commercial projects ranging from single-room apartments to large commercial complexes. Our clients have been very happy with our service and they continue to recommend us to their friends and family members.

We pride ourselves on being highly skilled painters who can produce high-quality results in a short time frame without compromising on quality or cost. Our team has years of experience under our belt which enables us to offer an unrivalled service for any size of the project you might have!

Why Choose Us

We have been painting commercial painting services in Sydney such as warehouses, retail shops, service stations, office fit-outs, schools and universities for over 16 years.

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We Paint Commercial Spaces Across Sydney

We are the best painters in Sydney, providing all kinds of painting services to residential property owners and businesses. Our commercial painters are trained and certified by the best painting companies in Sydney.
We have years of experience and can make your property look new again with our skills. If you are looking to paint your building, you’re at the ideal place. We are Sydney Wide Painters and will ensure you have a beautiful new look throughout your home or office. By providing phenomenal and tweaked painting services to everyone, our commercial painters in Sydney specialize in providing all kinds of commercial and residential painting and repainting services in Sydney and its areas. Backed by widely prepared and affirmed professionals, we have the best painting solution for you.

We offer different types of painting services to meet the needs of home painting, and business owners alike,  from Strata painting to industrial and residential properties painting. Our experienced team can help with interior and exterior painting, high-pressure washing, soft washing, and special finishes. We always work hard for customer satisfaction and loyalty.


If your office walls could speak, they would have asked you to paint them in the most beautiful colors out there. Well, we at Sydney Wide Painters (Excellent Paintings) heard their wish and offer commercial painting services in Sydney to brighten up your commercial space.

We believe that all offices should be treated like homes and our painters are trained so well that they can provide you with all the decorating services you need from ceiling, wall painting and furniture painting.

FAQs Related to commercial painters sydney

Commercial painters will help you to paint your commercial paintings such as offices, work spaces, shops, showroom and many more. Commercial painting in Sydney is very affordable. Commercial painters in Sydney will not only paint your commercial space, but also guide you perfectly like what color theme or design you should select for your workspace. 

There are many challenges that a commercial painter comes across during painting a commercial building. Some of them are listed below-

  1. Non Maintained building with Faded paints – It gets difficult for painters to paint a non maintained building. Also, commercial painters in Sydney need to audit why the walls are getting faded before applying any paint.
  2. Blistered Paint – Another bad thing that looks more bad than faded paint is blistered paint. It is important to first smooth the surface and then apply the paint. 
  3. Rough Surfaces – Before applying the paint, it is important to smooth down the surface by rubbing and removing the flittered or blistered paint.
  4. Stains – Sometimes there are oil stains or permanent color stains on the walls. It is important to remove and cure those stains first and then apply the paint.

Commercial painting is a professional job and a painter must have some exceptional skills to fulfill the customer needs such as-

  1. Communication Skill – it is one of the most important skills as a painter first needs to understand what the client wants and how he wants the work to look like once it is completed. Good communication skills will help to deliver the best results as per the client’s expectations.
  2. Understanding of material and tools – There are many tools and materials used while performing a painting job. Wrong decisions of tool and material can lead to destroying the work completely. There should be sound knowledge of all the available tools and materials to the painter. Also, a painter should be comfortable with all the tools and must have knowledge like what surface requires what type of tool and material.
  3. Visual and Aesthetic sense – there are clients who love to take direct and expert advice. So, it is the duty of the painter to guide the client about the aesthetics and visuals that goes best with the client project. 
  4. Physical and Mental Fitness – It is another important aspect as painters should be ready to work for long hours and should not be afraid of heights.
  5. Disciplined and Punctual – Time is money! Painters should respect the time provided or committed for completing the job. The project needs to be delivered on time.

Working with commercial painters is an excellent idea for adoring your workplace, however before finalizing any commercial painter your building, you must consider below mentioned factors-

  1. Check the license and insurance of the company – As workers are going to work in your place so any mishap will be the responsibility of the company not yours.
  2. Industry Expertisation and Experience – Your workplace is important to you, so make sure to select the experienced painter for your job.
  3. Budget friendly – Always cross check the quotes of different painters and select the best that fits in your budget.
  4. Recommendation and previous work – Always look out for recommendations from your friends or relatives and do check the previous work of painters before finalizing anyone.
  5. Communication Skills and Discipline – A commercial painter should be disciplined and have good communication skills. This will help you to achieve best results on time.

We have a team of experienced and professional painters who are proficient in fulfilling all types of industrial painting. Our commercial painting contractors in Sydney provides below mentioned services-

  • All conventional water-based, oil-based and solvent-based paint systems are applied.
  • Texture coating
  • On-site spray painting
  • Maintenance painting schedules
  • Sustainable painting methods
  • Free Color Consultation
  • Protect your office furniture and floors and clean as we go
  • Graffiti removal & prevention
  • Membrane application